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Abrasive cutting machine TR-K


for cutting-off steel bars


The bars are supplied over a roller conveyor to the cutting station. The work piece clamping is done with a hydraulic double clamping vise. To load the machine the noise absorption hood is driven backwards, which makes the clamping vise as well as the inner roller conveyor accessible. The bars can be positioned then easily for the cutting. A measurement system within the work piece cylinder recognizes the bar diameter automatically. By starting the automatic cutting process the machine control accesses to saved processing data. According to the diameter of the work piece rapid traverse and cutting traverse are being selected. After the positioning of the work piece, the noise absorption hood closes and the automatic cutting process starts. 

NC-controlled for chop cutting

The machine type TR-K consists of a heavy welded machine stand with vacuum shaft and spark separator. A movable container placed under the separation collects chips and abrasion. The cutting head is placed horizontally and pivoted. The cutting spindle is maintenance-free and robust constructed. The cutting disc is driven by a three-phase standard –motor. The power transfer to the spindle is done by a belt drive. The cutting head is driven by a hydraulic cylinder with integrated absolute measurement system and is NC-controlled. The cut is being done by chop cutting process. The working area cover consists of a movable noise absorption hood. After the cutting process the hood automatically moves backwards, which makes the work piece freely accessible. The advantage of that process is, that the cutting disc runs in a saved position during even though the work piece is placed openly.


During the cutting process the bars are being hold by a hydraulic double clamping vise. The work pieces are being tightened centrically and automatically measured. As a positioning help a red line laser projects the cut onto the work piece.


The abrasion of cutting discs during the work piece processing is registered automatically. As a result the machine control corrects the defined change-over positions of the separating arm. If the cutting disc is worn, an error message appears and the cutting process does not start.


  • Programmable cutting feed with express stroke to the work piece surface and the working stroke for cutting
  • Double clamping vise with stroke monitoring and integrated measurement system for diameter identification
  • Integrated spark separator with movable transport carriage
  • Movable sound insulation capsule for optimal work piece handling
  • Line laser for cut positioning
  • Optional digital length stop
  • Automatic cutting disc-abrasion-compensation during the processing cycle