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Reichmann Casting Finishing

With its 100-year history, the company Reichmann & Sohn GmbH has firmly established itself all around the world in the fettling technology and cast post-treatment.

Today the company has got three independent product segments with a long tradition:  


Reichmann Casting Finishing – Grinding machines for fettling technologies and cast post-treatment  

Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning – Service machines for ski & snowboards  

Rema – Grinding, polishing and cut-off machines for the metal manufacturing sector   

'Out of tradition and passion, your partner for perfect grinding'

"REMA" and "Reichmann Casting Finishing" are well-known names in the foundry industry, as well as in fettling shops and in the cast post-treatment.

As German, medium-sized family business, Reichmann can react flexibly to the market requirements. For this reason, Reichmann machines are successfully installed worldwide.



For the diverse requirements of the cast post-treatment are available:

  • Cutting-off machines for cutting off sprues, risers and return material
  • Fully automatic finish center for fettling of any casting contours
  • Robot solutions for grinding and cutting-off techniques as well as for handling and palletizing tasks
  • Adjusted fully-automatic grinding machines for effective fettling of mass castings