In road and sewer construction, there is an extremely wide range of different product designs. This poses challenges for automated casting finishing. With the help of individual solutions such as the development of a universal chuck, the Reichmann grinding center Maus can automatically and highly efficiently rework an extremely wide range of products without the need for time-consuming retooling.

The area of sanitary castings, pumps and fittings frequently includes non-ferrous metals such as brass or copper alloys as well as iron and steel castings. With the help of the cut-off grinding process, cast iron trees can be cut efficiently and with low tool costs in high quality. In our contour grinding solutions, remaining residual burrs can be removed in a process-safe manner for further processing.

What we can do for you:

  • Deburring and contour grinding
  • Cutting off risers and sprues
  • Automatic fettling of castings
  • High pressure belt grinding
  • Chaining, testing

Our machine solutions for you: