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Reichmann Casting Finishing

Your partner for automatic deburring and casting finishing.

For over 100 years, the German family-owned company Reichmann & Sohn lays its focus on efficient machine solutions for cutting and grinding. From the long years of experience and passion for casting finishing, Reichmann continuously develops innovative machine concepts that contribute to significant efficiency gains as well as further automation and humanization in foundries.

Today, the majority of brake discs and drums worldwide are finished with Reichmann grinding systems. The extremely high availability over years, high-quality results and the long-life machine design “Made in Germany” positioned us as a leading provider for automatic casting finishing solutions.

Apart from round parts grinding systems, Reichmann offers customer-tailored solutions for abrasive cutting, surface grinding and belt grinding. To ensure a further automatization in foundries, the machines can be equipped with suitable robot applications. Feel free to contact us - as a medium-sized family business, we can react flexibly to your specific requirements and will find the optimal solution for you!

Reliable quality "Made in Germany" - since 1918.


For the diverse requirements of the cast post-treatment are available:

  • Cutting-off machines for cutting off sprues, risers and return material
  • Fully automatic finish center for fettling of any casting contours
  • Robot solutions for grinding and cutting-off techniques as well as for handling and palletizing tasks
  • Adjusted fully-automatic grinding machines for effective fettling of mass castings


Grinding and deburring machines for automotive castings

Whether engine blocks, cylinder heads, brake discs, brake drums, fly wheels, axie parts, housings, exhaust manifolds or turbo charger castings - we have the suitable machine for automatic casting finishing.

Machines to prepare pump housings and turbine blades f

Machines to prepare pump housings and turbine blades for the aerospace industry

casting finishing of medical precision castings

Machines for casting finishing of medical precision castings

Linear technology - bar materials

Machines for cutting-off bar materials