Automatic grinding machines for round parts

Reichmann Casting Finishing is the world's leading supplier of automated systems for grinding and deburring round parts for the automotive supply industry or agricultural and commercial vehicle industries. These include castings such as brake discs, brake drums, hubs, clutch carrier plates and flywheels for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Reichmann brake disc grinding machines and solutions for grinding round parts process a very wide range of different casting diameters, shapes and weights.

Grinding deburrs the round parts, brings them into shape and prepares them for subsequent surface finishing.

Discover the right solution for your requirement:

Automatic deburring and grinding machine S1
Deburring Grinding Machine S1

The Reichmann S1 deburring grinding machines are ideally suited for high production numbers in a single-variety, continuous run. The round part grinding machine removes burrs and sprue residues on the inner and outer diameter and convinces with extremely short cycle times of up to 5 seconds per casting

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Automatic round parts grinding machine
Round part grinding machine RFG

Round part grinding machine for specific round part machining on the outside, inside and on the head surface. The rigid chuck has a large useful range and a centering effect. Thus, the round part is brought into shape during grinding.

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Automatic grinding machine Maus
Automatic grinding center Maus 600-2200

The casting finishing center for small to medium production numbers with high flexibility. The Maus automatic grinding machines are used for contour grinding or machining on the diameter of round parts with the highest degree of completion. Machining is done efficiently in parallel with loading and unloading.

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Robot Center

The Robot Center enables particularly flexible machining of round parts on the diameter as well as contour grinding with the highest degree of completion. Machining takes place efficiently in parallel with loading and unloading. For small to medium production numbers with high flexibility.

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Reichmann rough grinder 600 SK
Rough grinding machine 600 SK

Manual grinding machine for workpiece-guided machining of castings primarily on the outside diameter. The robust standard machine for every foundry.

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rough grinding machine
Rough grinding machine PME

Manual grinding machine, which is also ideal for machining bulky workpieces due to the grinding points that are drawn far outwards.

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