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With MAUS CAAT even more is possible.

The brand-new self-optimisation software „computer aided automatic tuning“ for the MAUS machines,
short: „MAUS CAAT“ is significantly increasing performance and time savings in automatic

In every machining program, no matter how good it is, there are small or larger potentials for optimisation -
MAUS CAAT discovers them all. The patent pending software opens up completely new dimensions for
program optimisation, which would be extremely time-consuming and impossible to achieve to this extent
without software support.

Get started now with MAUS CAAT!

Increase your productivity in the shortest possible time

MAUS CAAT analyses the program code block by block and iteratively increases the feed rate wherever there is potential for increasing the spindle and drive power. In this way, you achieve up to double-digit percentage values of additional time savings and productivity in the shortest possible time when working with your MAUS machine.

Use the high power density of your MAUS machine

With MAUS CAAT, Reichmann is taking the first steps towards IIoT, Industry 4.0 / 5.0 and artificial intelligence. For the first time, the machine data such as the spindle and drive power during grinding are available to the operator in a structured form and can be used for optimisations manually and automatically. You get higher material removal rates, produce more parts and save valuable time during optimisation.

Easy parameterisation

You know your casting like no other. Use this knowledge to apply MAUS CAAT in a targeted, parameter-controlled manner. Using and activating the software is very simple.


Applicable for the complete MAUS machine range

Economical with the smallest batch sizes

Thanks to the short setup times or machining in mixed operation, you can achieve economical automated machining even with very small batch sizes. With two or three tools suitable for your process and an optimally dimensioned spindle power, you benefit from high cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and reduced cycle times.

Reliable and competent partner

Save costs through the highest availability, quality and the robust machine design of Reichmann systems "Made in Germany". We accompany you from consulting and process analysis through development and implementation to after sales. Best production results from day one guarantee a fast return on investment. Rely on our many years of experience and competence in automatic grinding.


With the investment in a new MAUS 600 automatic grinding machine including the brand-new MAUS CAAT self-optimization software, the company ACO Guss GmbH has secured a complete package that is currently unique on the market.

With this investment ACO Guss GmbH is able to further expand profitability and productivity at the site and counteract personnel bottlenecks in casting finishing. Check out the whole success story in the video.


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Your benefits with MAUS CAAT:

Structured display and use of machine data

Optimal use of machine performance

High time savings through automatic program optimization in new dimensions

Significant reduction in cycle times and increase in productivity

Extremely efficient with a high number of different castings and machining programs

Industry 5.0: Perfect interaction between operator and machine


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Rafael Dineiger

Sales Manager International


Tel.: +49 7309 875 - 17
Mail: rdineiger@reichmann.com

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Rafael Dineiger - International Sales Manager Reichmann Casting Finishing

With the new automatic grinding center from Reichmann, we were able to more than halve our cleaning time. The fast training and set-up of the machine for new parts facilitates and accelerates the work enormously. In the meantime, we can even train new employees ourselves to operate the system. For service questions, we appreciate the fast response time and the direct line to a competent service contact.

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