Fettling machines for aluminum and non-ferrous metal castings

Discover our automated equipment for contour grinding, cut-off grinding or fettling of non-ferrous metal castings such as aluminum, brass, copper or bronze.

The lightweight and highly stable aluminum castings are in great demand in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Typical applications include aerospace and the automotive industry.

Castings made of non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper or bronze are often used in industrial applications and fittings.

Automatic grinding machine Maus
Automatic grinding center Maus 600-2200

The Maus casting finishing center is designed for flexible cutting and grinding of castings with up to three tools. The fettling center offers high flexibility for small to medium production numbers and fast teach-in for new castings. Machining takes place efficiently in parallel with loading and unloading.

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Roboter Center

The Robot Center offers flexible options for robot-based grinding and cutting of castings in small to medium production volumes. Machining takes place efficiently in parallel with loading and unloading.

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Automatic cut-off machine
Cut-off machine TS

Specific cut-off machine for single loading or with loading and unloading table. Different designs from the manual to the fully automatic cut-off system allow an optimal adaptation to your requirements and your workpiece. Due to the high cutting performance of the Reichmann systems, risers and sprue residues are precisely cut off without blue grinding.

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Rema double grinding machine in stand design
Double grinding machine DS

Under the brand REMA Reichmann leads a wide range of hand-guided double grinding machines for manual machining of castings.

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Reichmann rough grinder 600 SK
Rough grinding machine 600 SK

Manual grinding machine for workpiece-guided machining of castings primarily on the outside diameter. The robust standard machine for every foundry.

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